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GIGO ORIGINAL The Hurricane Came (Ben Bond)

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The hurricane came.

Greater than her sisters

Who swept through before

More magnificent, more original,

A new storm

Animam Agere

A cosmic whirlpool

Seen from space.

Lenticular clouds

On a cell phone

Shared over coffee

On sixty sixth street

And Amsterdam

With eggs,


Onion & tomato,

Our favourite diner,

Cited for vermin.

But still we go

The papers

Over a breakfast, late,



A scout

A wheel

A herald,

Over the ocean,

A new Jericho.

A sky mirror

A water spout

A white roundel

A corryvreckan

For the ages...


Get out!"

"Trumpets of angels,

Like an atom bomb!

Blowing up

The Eastern seaboard!"

The headlines shout.

The hurricane came

She began

With the wind turbines

Off Rhode Island

Crosses for dead giants

Spinning their blades

With an accelerated perfection

Before pitching them


Into the sea.

The grid oscillatory,

A stab of polygraphic energy,

Like a lie discovered,

A climate changed.


The hurricane came,

Myrtle was her name,

Quaint, old fashioned

Like she’d danced in,

Ja Da


The Jazz Age.

So she disguised

Her murderous purpose

Her mission

To castrophise

The city

Where other storms had failed

Visiting the sins of the present,

On the present.

The hurricane came.

And so she wailed,

Bansheed up the coast

Bending palm trees

In to queues

Of praying pilgrim maids

The hurricane came.

All the way to

Rockaway Beach

And wrenched the famous donut sign

From the famous bakery

Tossed on giant waves;

A lonely life ring

With no lives left to save.

The hurricane came.

In the city

She shook the buildings

A thousand fires broke out

Fires on flood

Cable hydras spat


Subways sunken,


In to caves.

Watery graves



For the holocene age

The hurricane came.

And took

Those souls left

Borrowed from a future

Of wild fires


And scorched earth

Brown plateaus

Rising tides

White skies

Too bright

To see

Our children's misery.

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