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GIGO is a radical new poetry publisher, where digital film and poetry collide, launching on 01/01/2025. Submissions and subscriptions are open now


Every week we premier a new and original GIGO poem on film, and email it to subscribers. Every year we also physically publish the anthology, GIGO 52, featuring all 52 poems in print. Every day our insta posts curated poetry film content and new reels.

Gigo's simple and unique format means it is open and accessible to anyone with a cell phone and camera. A Gigo poem might be a simple reading recorded by the poet themselves, a bespoke film or a spontaneous performance. Gigo is redefining what poetry is and who it's for. 


Gigo poems come from new and established poets, film-makers, actors, musicians, punks, activists, artists and workers, from all over the world.


Subscribe for free to get a Gigo filmed poem delivered to your inbox every week, from the biggest and brightest new talent. 


To celebrate our launch in 2025 we are establishing the annual Gigo Poetry Prize with £10,000 for the single best original poem delivered on film and premiered on Gigo.


2025's Gigo Poetry Prize theme is "living in the Anthropocene".


Check back into the site for dates and entry guidelines.


'An artist's duty is to reflect the times'. (Nina Simone).


GIGO believes a poet lives in the fire.


We celebrate our differences and share one another's pain.

What matters most to you right now? What do you desire? What are you afraid of? What is your most fervent hope? What makes you mad as hell? Tell us.  We are of the now, and beyond the page. We are re-imagining what poetry is, who it's for and who creates it. We want to see you and hear you. Together we can change the world, one poem at a time.



GIGO founder Ben Bond started as a music radio producer for Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio 1, working with artists including Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Mary J Blige. He went on to become a writer and director for film and TV including Skins and his directorial debut The Drifters (2021). He is currently writing TV drama Whisky Wars with director Mark Forster and lectures on screenwriting at Bristol University. He makes films and writes poetry. 

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